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Web Design Guide

Factors to Consider in Web Design

Web design has many aspects of work and descriptions when it comes to web production and web maintenance because there are many fields of web design, and these are web graphic design, interface design, authoring, user experience design and search engine optimization and usually individuals work on each given field but some designers know everything about those given fields. Web design overlaps the field of web engineering and web development and usually web designers must always be on the loop or they must always be updated on the dates and new guidelines for web design. The history of web design is linked with the emergence of graphic design although web design is seen through the technological standpoint of people, web design have been part of the daily lives of people and it is very hard to imagine internet with web design because we are used to seeing animations and interactive web design now a day.


Web designers often use different tools in the production and maintenance of websites although the execution is different based on the functions that they need but the principles behind these tools are just the same. It is important for a web designer to determine the target market so that they could come up with a mobile-friendly web design that is appropriate for the users and the users could understand use the website easily so because of this, web designers implement different tools that would convey marketing and communication designs on the website.


It is also essential for the web designer to create an interactive design that will be friendly for the user because users have different level of understanding and proper labeling of the website would be a good idea for easy access of the website. The page layout in wordpress web design is another important thing to consider in web design because this would also add to the user-friendly factor of the web and it should be a responsive web design layout wherein it will automatically change to fit the appropriate screen of the user's device like for instance in tablet and smart phones.


Using limited style and sizes of fonts can also be a big help in creating a good web design so that there is consistency in the design of the web and to avoid confusions among users for the labels and wording on the website. In using animation or motion graphics on the website, the designer must take into consideration the target market because young audience are fond of colorful animations but for formal and adult audiences, they might have too much animation graphics as destructions while navigating the website. You may also want to go to for more information about the topic.